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Serving Business & Industry for over 30 Years

PROFESSIONAL      RELIABLE      ECONOMICAL provides a personalized approach to Oracle projects that require education, consulting or mentoring.  Typically, this is the situation faced by organizations implementing new technology or significant upgrades. specializes in Oracle DBA related work including installation and setup of High Availability Oracle servers including RAC, Clusterware, ASM, DataGuard, RMAN, DataPump, LogMiner, Streams, AQ, replication and more.  Other areas of expertise include customized server setup, new feature implementation, and development of server side PL/SQL code. does more than just build servers or write code.  Our specialty lies in the transfer of knowledge about the system to its owners.  This empowers staff and management to take ownership and control of the system with the confidence and skills to manage it for the long term.  Essentially, our goal is to work ourselves out of each job, and our success comes from creating many satisfied clients.

Each project brings with it a new set of challenges, and requirements specific to each business sector.  With over 30 years experience, we have worked and learned in a variety of business sectors including public utilities, engineering, business & commerce, healthcare, criminal justice, resource management, government, education, forestry, commercial fishery, advertising and more.

Typical projects include a planning and validation phase, basic education, the build or installation phase, custom and advanced education, followed by on-going mentoring and support usually on a diminishing basis as in-house resources become proficient with the technology.

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